As the weather warms up, there are certain sounds that you'll hear at the Jersey Shore that make you feel good inside.

Even before we get consistent days of warmth, these sounds signify that the best days here in New Jersey are right around the corner.

For me, these sounds make me so unbelievably happy. No, that is not hyperbole, if anything it is an understatement.

1. Birds Chirping

house sparrow
Photo by Cherylyn Ang on Unsplash

When Spring is inching closer and I hear the birds chirping, I get almost unreasonably happy.

When I was a kid I used to try to mimic the red-winged blackbird call, thinking I was talking to the birds. I was just trying to live out my Disney princess dreams...

Hearing the birds chirping in the morning is the first sign that warmer days are ahead.

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2. Spring Peepers

After the birds make their appearance in the morning, the spring peepers make their presence known at night.

spring peeper frog

These little frogs sound like crickets as the sun sets into the evening.

The moment you hear them you can put away those winter clothes. Okay, maybe don't do that because New Jersey weather is weird, but you get my point.

3. Gulls

New Jersey is home to ten species of gulls...gulls not seagulls.

Photo by Tarpit Grover on Unsplash

The moment I hear the first gull call of the year, I get giggly.

Sure, they can be annoying at the beach, but I am a summer girl so hearing gulls makes me so excited.

4, Ice Cream Truck

Is there a more nostalgic sound than the music coming from an ice cream truck?

ice cream truck
Photo by Aspen Metzger on Unsplash

Even as an adult who hasn't bought anything from the ice cream truck in years, every time I hear that music I get all happy.

5. Waves Crashing

Is there anything more relaxing?

Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves

When life gets a bit hectic, we are so lucky that we can just run to the beach. Not literally run, but we are so close.

People use wave sounds on sound machines to fall asleep and we have the real thing right in our backyard. (Again not literally).

Sounds aren't the only thing that makes me feel nostalgic, these memories do too.

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