Who gets the gold?

Who gets the bronze?

It's like the pasta Olympics.

Liubov Ilchuk, Unsplash
Liubov Ilchuk, Unsplash

This isn’t going to shock anyone.  When you think about the most popular restaurants out there, only one cuisine should come to mind.

It’s Italian.

Right, not shocked.

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As you explore all these New Jersey towns, depending on where you go, you could have an Italian restaurant on every corner.  Listen, I told you they were popular.

Some may argue that your standard pizza place is an Italian restaurant, and I would have to agree with you there.

You have your upscale Italian restaurants, perfect for that date night or time away from the kids.  You also have the more casual, which usually serves as a great take-out spot.  If you are lucky, you could stumble on a restaurant that just feels like home.

I’m personally a fan of Ravioli or a piping hot plate of Baked Ziti, or you can never go wrong with chicken (sometimes veal) parmigiana.

Now that we all have lunch plans.

Who wins best of the best Italian Restaurants in Monmouth County?

Thanks to Open Table, we have an idea of some of the best of the best right here in our own backyard.

Taking home the “bronze” is A Salute.  They are found at 1850 Church Street in Matawan, and yes, we checked, this is on the correct side of the county line and in Monmouth.

A Salute, Facebook
A Salute, Facebook

Winning the "gold" is Il Nido in Marlboro, NJ.  Another big win for Monmouth County.


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