It's Bruce's world we just live in it. When it comes to New Jersey, he's the biggest super star from NJ.

Bruce Springsteen is getting a building named after him at Monmouth University. How cool is that?

Springsteen in Concert 2023
Shawn Michaels

I love this. The Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music was announced at a special ceremony, according to He has performed many times at the University.

Bruce said about the building:

With the building comes great responsibility, because I am subject to any kind of behavior. I will try to do my best for the rest of my life not to embarrass the building.

The building on the campus of Monmouth University is on the corner of Cedar and Norwood Avenue in West Long Branch. This spot is perfect for the new construction and building because it is very close to where Bruce wrote his song "Born to Run" so many years ago. "Born to Run" is still one of my favorites from Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen in Concert 2023
Shawn Michaels

There is a campaign to raise over $40 million for the new building. Monmouth University's President and Chair of the Archives Board, Patrick F. Leahy says two-thirds of the goal has already been raised.

When we think of New Jersey, it's home for us, it's also home for Bruce Springsteen. He's a celebrity we see when we're out shopping, at the beach, or even getting ice cream at his favorite spot.

Who doesn't love "Jersey Girl", it's all-time favorite from Bruce. I can't wait to see this building built, what an honor, and very well-deserved.

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