I thought, when I was in school, that the toughest years were the ones in middle school. The middle school marked a time when you left the "elementary" school days. In "grade school" you knew everyone and you were probably at that school for several years. It was the safe place you went with your friends from the neighborhood. It was much different when you went to middle school. Middle school brought several "grade schools" together and these kids were from other parts of town where you didn't know each other.


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Another change as you entered middle school was that you had more than one teacher. For most of "grade school," you had one main teacher, but in Middle School, you went from one subject and teacher to another several times a day. Now we had 6 teachers instead of one and the kids in class changed each hour, much different from the elementary school days. I bring all this up because for me it was very much a different school experience, so it was tougher at times and took some getting used to. This is all part of why I thought middle school was a tough 2 years of school.


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Let's look at the very best "middle schools" in New Jersey. The U.S. News and World Report issued an article that listed the best "middle schools". If you want to look at the methodology of this survey, CLICK HERE, for more on how this ranking was generated.


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Top Middle Schools in New Jersey

  1. Princeton Charter School (Princeton, NJ)
  2. School 28 (Paterson, NJ)
  3. Forrestdale School (Rumson, NJ)
  4. Infinity Institute (Jersey City, NJ)
  5. Millburn Middle School (Millburn, NJ)
  6. Thomas Edison Energysmart Charter School (Somerset, NJ)
  7. Mendham Township Middle School (Brookside, NJ)
  8. Roosevelt Intermediate School (Westfield, NJ)
  9. Cresskill Middle School (Cresskill, NJ)
  10. Emil A. Cavallini Middle School (Upper Saddle River, NJ)


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How do you feel about your middle school? Give us your review and post your comments below. We always love getting your input at home.


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