For such a small state, the Garden State, we have several miserable towns that made the "big" list of the most miserable towns in America.

There are different factors that put together through the United States.

canva, kathleen gail, getty images
canva, kathleen gail, getty images

These factors range from crime rate, median income, commute time, and more.

In this article, they basically say if you want to know where not to live and lists these cities in the US. Nine of them are from New Jersey.

A couple of towns that made the list of where you should not live in the US, Compton, CA, Cleveland, OH, Miami Gardens, FL, Harlingen, TX, and more.

What are the 9  most miserable towns in New Jersey?

#1 - Newark, New Jersey

#2 - Jersey City, New Jersey

#3 - Paterson, New Jersey

#4 - Elizabeth, New Jersey

#5 - New Brunswick, New Jersey

#6 - Trenton, New Jersey

#7 - Union City, New Jersey

#8 - Passaic, New Jersey

#9 - Plainfield, New Jersey

These made the list because of high crime rates, high lead levels in water, poverty rate, high population, etc.

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Do you feel another town in New Jersey should have made the list? Do you agree with this list? Are you satisfied with the town you live in here in New Jersey?


Every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a survey to provide an official count of the population, which then determines how many seats each state has in the House of Representatives. In acquiring this data, the census also reveals interesting information about the state of affairs across the U.S.

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