There are plenty of foods in New Jersey that I'm sure outsiders consider "strange."

I think that goes for every state.

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Remember though, just because a food is strange, doesn't mean it's absolutely delicious.

For example, I'm sure those not from the Garden State may look at us sideways when we put gravy on mozzarella on top of our fries.

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And no, not tomato sauce gravy. Gravy gravy.

How about pork roll?

Some may not be intrigued by how odd pork roll is as much as the obsession New Jersey has with it.

24/7 Tempo went through a bunch of publications like MashedSpoon UniversityTravel ChannelCheapism, and Bizarre Food to identify the strangest food in every state.

It was amazing to go through the list and see how different cultures came into play.

One common theme was combinations.

It wasn't so much the actual foods were strange, but the pairing was just plain bizarre.

Bowl with mayonnaise isolated on white background.

For example, we've all heard of a peanut butter and banana sandwich, but what about peanut butter and mayonnaise?

That's a popular sandwich in Alabama, and deservedly so, the strangest in the state.

I don't know what they are thinking in Colorado.

Their strangest food is an appetizer - and I wouldn't try it on a bet.


Would you try smoked rattlesnake?

According to 24/7 Tempo, Denver's Buckhorn Exchange restaurant chops up smoked rattle snake and serves it over a cream cheese base with tortilla chips.

What is the strangest food in New Jersey?

Personally, I think the folks at 24/7 Tempo got this all wrong.

Sure, this food might be big and overly sweet, but strange? I don't know.

Have you been to The Bagel Nook?

This creative bagel shop started in Freehold and has since expanded to Princeton and even Las Vegas.

This eatery's popularity has exploded thanks to its creative bagel creations.

There's one in particular.

The Oreo Overload bagel has been named New Jersey's strangest food.

It's an Oreo bagel filled with Oreos and Oreo cream cheese.

Did I say it has Oreos?

This may be overly indulgent, but I don't think it's strange.

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