Anyone who works for tips is usually working pretty hard. Especially servers in busy restaurants. The last thing they need is a host of other jobs that historically never received tips to be suddenly demanding them. That could turn the public off to the very concept of tipping itself and impact them harshly.

And that’s exactly what seems to be happening. just did a survey that shows almost 3 out of 4 people feel tipping has gotten completely out of hand. With tip prompt screens now being pushed in the consumer’s face at fast food drive-up windows and online purchases asking for tips for workers you’ll never set eyes on, it’s a problem.

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Even self-serve kiosks are now requesting tips and who on earth is that money even going to? It’s no wonder most Americans are fed up.

The same survey found 64% feel a tip is something you should feel you want to give, not something you should feel you must. Or worse yet, be guilted into. Also, three out of five Americans feel companies are trying to replace employee salaries with customer tips and that we’re paying their cost of doing business.

None of this can bode well for workers who rely on tips. Forgive the pun, but it seems we’re at a tipping point of a revolt where you can easily imagine people in large numbers foregoing gratuities entirely. Especially painful if this happens for jobs like servers who always relied on them.


And it’s sad that some faceless CEOs thought to pay workers stocking shelves less hourly by putting a tip prompt screen on a self-serve machine. When you don’t even understand who is getting your tip or why, that spells the beginning of the end of the whole racket.

Read more about the WalletHub survey here.

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