Ay, whaddya gonna give a true Jersey guy as a gift? A painting of him dressed like a general next to a horse? Fuggetaboutit. How about a Tamagotchi?

Remember this 90s toy? It was a digital pet that looked a bit like an egg. Your job was to raise it. It had a hunger meter, a happiness meter, a training meter. The better you cared for it the greater success and self-sufficiency it would have once it matured. It was entirely in your hands.

Tamagotchi Uni Launch Party Hosted By Charli D'Amelio
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This thing was all the rage. A toy that basically did nothing other than test your parenting skills. Sure, be judged for fun.

Sopranos fans will love this. Now there’s a Tamagotchi-like toy called a Tonygotchi. You basically take care of a little Tony Soprano. And it really does look just like him.

Yes, just like the old Tamagotchis you have to feed Tony. But here you feed him capicola or gabagool. You have to let him go to the bathroom. Then less Tamagotchi-like activities such as go to the strip club, put a beatdown on a rival, even go talk to Dr. Melfi.

Okay, sounds amazing right? So much of “The Sopranos” was all about Jersey that of course we all want one of these.

The Sopranos cast (Photo: Getty Images)
The Sopranos cast (Photo: Getty Images)

Now here’s the bad news.

The company that made them, DebonairHeads, priced them at $750 each. It gets worse. They only made five of them. And all five have already been taken.

Are you freaking kidding me?

This would sell like crazy in the Garden State. But okay, so we can only hope one pops up on EBay at some point.

We haven’t been this disappointed since we learned the Russian guy in the Pine Barrens wasn’t really an interior decorator!

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