Jaxon Fuge is an 8-year-old Ocean County boy who is battling a rare condition called Neurofibromatosis. It's a form of cancer and his mom reports that he's about to start chemo as his tumors are growing.

Like all kids, Jaxon has dreams of what he wants to do when he grows up. Recently the Lacey Township Police Department brought Jax in to tour and helped him on his mission to collect patches from police departments around the world.

Jax's mom Staci joined us on air Friday to talk about Jax and the group called "Patches for Jax".

If you're a police officer or family member and you want to send a patch to Jax, please hit us up on the free NJ 101.5 app and send a chat to Producer Kristen and we'll pass the information along.

It's always sad to see a kid struggling with a rare disease but it's equally inspiring to see a kid who won't give up and has aspirations of joining the Finest. Thanks to all the cops who have stepped up for this young man and other kids who are struggling. We appreciate everyone who puts on the uniform every day to protect and serve our great state and our local communities.

Check out Jaxon's full story here and see some pics from his visit to the Lacey Township PD as reported by News 12.

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Pictures of a $16.5M private island home being sold by NJ doctor

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