Have you heard about Knockerball? It's an awesome activity center at the Monmouth Mall. You can bring a whole group of friends and try out a ton of games, compete against eachother, and see who is the best!

Knockerball will be a part of Kidabaloo 2018, so we wanted to check out exactly what was in store. I met up with a couple guys from our sister stations here at Townsquare Media, and the competition was on between myself, Lou Russo from the Point and Shawn Michaels from WOBM.

First of all, Shawn took the most practice shots during Foot Darts, so I blame my Silver Medal on that. I have no excuse for losing in basketball. As far as Laser Tag, it was an awesome shoot-out between me and Shawn, and we were each down to our last life when he finally got me. The Pony Hop was awesome, and I was finally able to just use brute force to win the Knockerball Sumo match.

We battled through five events, but there were plenty others we didn't even get to - Human Foosball, Nerf Wars, Hungry Hungry Humans and more. Knockerball is located on the lower level of the Monmouth Mall. Reservations are recommended.

You can check out Knockerball at Kidabaloo at Convention Hall in Asbury Park on February 17th!

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