I’ve been on the Keto diet since February 4th and I am liking what I am seeing.

The Keto lifestyle really works, not only with weight loss but it helps regulate your blood levels too.

The problem is this, many people start out on a Keto diet and toss in what they call “cheat” days. I have even heard it called “dirty keto” simply because they don’t adhere to the strict regimen of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% or fewer carbs. That is the "law" of the Keto diet and if you adhere to it, not only will you have success but, trust me, you will lose all those cravings for carbs. (Chips, candy, bread, and pasta)

Once you start to see the results you will never want to go back to your old eating habits.

Since February 4th I have dropped 55 pounds, my glucose is below 90 down from 117 and my total cholesterol has dropped down to 146. My triglycerides are 61, HDL is 43, LDL is 95 and VLDL is 12. All of these are within the normal guidelines.

I feel like I’m in my 20’s again and I am loving it!

Look at the pictures of me then and now. Not only my weight change but my complexion. Because being on the Keto diet also improves your skin and hair.


A Keto diet will even help your brain. I feel more alert and sharper. The morning "brain fog" is gone.

So if I can help you and encourage you to journey down this road with me, then I have done a good thing.

I would love to see you live a good long and healthy life, so do your research and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Pete.caruana@townsquaremedia.com I will help you as best as I can

And just so you know, on the Keto diet, the only thing worth eating in the above picture is the meat!

Until next time.

Rock on party people!

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