There is a fantastic tournament going on right now, full of excellent matchups, back-and-forth battles, heavy favorites and huge underdogs.

Yes, it's BrewMaster Madness! But in addition to that, there is the always hilarious Name of the Year tournament.

Every year, the organizers scour the news world to find the weirdest, funniest, and simply best names in the world.

name of the year 2017

Deadspin has a larger version if you want to zoom in.

There are incredible names like Fortunate Sithole, Demon Clowney, and Boats Botes...but I want you to focus on the "Bulltron Regional" on the top left. Coming in at a high #2 seed is BONJOVI HARDEMAN.

I can understand that if you are of a certain age, you could be such a huge Bon Jovi fan that you would want to name your child in their honor. But, wouldn't you go with "Jon" or maybe "Richie" or even "Tico"?  Why would you name your kid "Bonjovi"? If you want to honor The Captain, you name your kid "Derek", not "Shortstop"; name your kid "Bruce" not "Jungleland".

Voting in the Bulltron Regional has closed, as the Name of the Year website cycles through the regions. Bonjovi Hardeman advanced over Dredick Snelson, Jr, and will face H. King Buttermore III in the second round. Mr. Hardeman should have a clear path to the Elite Eight, as I don't see Guy Hands or YourMajesty Lumpkins being able to beat him.

In case you were wondering, Bonjovi Hardeman got his name in the news after being arrested for auto burglaries in Mississippi.

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