According to a statement from the Seaside borough administrator, the township didn't want to allow the "Make America Great Again" March to be held in the town this weekend.

The statement says that township officials have received numerous "inquiries, comments, and complaints" in response to the "MagaMarch" scheduled for this Saturday, March 25th.

The organization's request was first denied by Mayor Anthony Vaz. He asked them to chose a different location, but the group stood behind their rights of free speech and freedom of assembly. The event was approved after the borough's attorney said that denying the group could result in litigation.

The application was approved with certain conditions including:
- Marcher/rally participants must stay on the east side of the Boardwalk.
- Event organizers must keep the west side of the Boardwalk open and clear for other Boardwalk visitors/walkers who are not participating in the rally/parade.
- Marchers/rally participants shall not block the entrances/exits of any Boardwalk businesses or facilities and fire hydrants.
- Use of the Franklin Avenue stage is not authorized.
- No vehicles of any kind are permitted on the Boardwalk promenade.

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I said this last time, but I'll say it again: what's the point of this? The election is over, why is a march/rally being held now?

I understand why Seaside would be hesitant to host an event like this, but I also stand firmly behind the First Amendment. Just keep in mind, if your First Amendment rights give you freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, they also ensure freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

I'm actually disappointed that I won't be in town (heading to Florida!) this weekend, because I would have LOVED to swing past Seaside just to see the madness firsthand.

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