What's your favorite condiment? Baby Varacchi, like most kids, is addicted to ketchup. Maybe you like mustard on your hot dog, maybe you pour hot sauce on everything.

Perhaps your tastes are beyond the ordinary, and you go for some honey mustard or ranch or horseradish or something. Regardless of your personal taste, I think we can all agree that this survey released by Thrillist is completely, irrevocably, 100% wrong.

According to their research, the favorite condiment of New Jerseyians is:

Bertolli Vodka Sauce

What the hell???????

First of all, no one anywhere ever has considered vodka sauce to be a condiment. Dictionary.com says a condiment is something used to give a special flavor to food, as mustard, ketchup, salt, or spices. I guess technically vodka sauce is used to give a special flavor, no one has ever said "yknow what this needs? A little bit of vodka sauce."

Secondly, no New Jerseyian with any sense of pride or working taste buds would say that jarred or canned sauce is their favorite. We may use it in a pinch, maybe if we don't have enough time to make a homemade sauce, or to be a base for something we make...but no one says "yknow what's better than my grandma's recipe? something I grabbed off the shelf at ShopRite."


The rest of this list is a bunch of madness too. New York's favorite condiment is Nutella? Nutella is delicious but it's not a condiment! Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Oregon? Peanut butter in Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming? At least Pennsylvania makes sense with Heinz Ketchup.

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