News is spreading like wildfire that celebrity chef Guy Fieri is opening a new restaurant in Asbury Park, called Guy's Asbury Kitchen.

Reaction has been equal parts excitement and horror at the possibility that The Food Network's frosted-tipped star would turn Cookman Ave. into a one-way street to Flavortown.

Guy' Fieri Asbury Park
Solid effort, guys. (

(Un)fortunately, it's all fake.

I reached out to Guy's PR team, who tell me "Unfortunately the rumors are not true, and the website is fake. Guy will not be opening a restaurant in Asbury Park."

If you check out the supposed restaurant's website, there were a ton of broken links, not to mention that the logo looked a little...unpolished?

So, relax, dear hipsters, you are safe from the infamous donkey sauce and "Guy"-talian nachos... at least for now.

(And whatever, the man may be a bit of a caricature, but Triple D is entertaining as hell and you know it!!)

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