Ever since I was a kid, I was told it was illegal to drive while barefoot. Even as I was taking Drivers Ed in high school, it was just sort of accepted that you had to wear shoes while driving. Being from the Jersey Shore, we tend to wear sandals a lot - at least I do. There was always some debate about whether or not sandals were "legal driving footwear" too.

While the website Barefoot Is Legal seems to be a bit obsessive about things, I did come across their information regarding driving while barefoot. According to their research, New Jersey (along with the other 49 states) have no laws on record that say it is illegal to drive barefoot.

driving bare feet

How did this urban legend start? I wasn't the only person who thought it was illegal to drive barefoot, so was this just started as some old wives' tale about a person who once drove barefoot and got in an accident, therefore no one should drive barefoot?

Embrace the warm weather, ditch the shoes, and feel free to drive barefoot!

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