Is Popeye's Kitchen coming to Lacey Township? It is very possible if the planning board approves it.

A proposal was submitted to the planning board for a Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen to be built where the Burger King used to be on Rt. 9 in the Lacey Mall.

According to the Patch:

The Planning Board will hold a public hearing for the business as soon as June 8. It could get delayed because of coronavirus restrictions, says Planning and Zoning Board Administrative Secretary Susan Connor.

Back in 2018, when the Popeye's in Toms River first opened it was chaos there for about a week or so. The parking lot was packed all day and the drive-thru line was lined up onto Route 37.

Later that summer you couldn't get a chicken sandwich from Popeye's due to their popularity. They were constantly sold out.

In my opinion, I think Popeye's in Lacey will do just fine.

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