I was driving in Brick over the weekend and I saw a billboard saying an indoor rock gym called the "Gravity Vault"  coming to Brick.

I did a little research, and it is true; The "Gravity Vault is coming to the Brick Plaza this spring, and the place really looks awesome. No official date on when they will open.


According to the Gravity Vault website:

The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms are facilities where anyone can join us to experience the exciting sport of rock climbing. Our goal is to provide a fun, welcoming environment where beginners and experienced climbers alike can learn, train and enjoy climbing together. We offer options for using our facility that cater to every age and all experience levels. From memberships and day passes, to private climbing sessions and group classes, we have an option that is suitable for you.

Gravity Vault 2

With wall features including: Arêtes, Arches, Key Holes, Chimneys, Cracks, Overhangs, and more. Our facilities offerings include:

  • 14,000+ Square Feet of Climbing
  • 40+ Foot Climbing Walls
  • 45-60 Top Rope Stations
  • Extensive Bouldering - Dynamic Lead Climbing
  • Cardiovascular and Strength Training Areas
  • Lounges - Pro Shops
  • Private Party Rooms

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