With the opiate and heroin killing too many lives in our country AND especially in Ocean County, it's about time officials, and educators are seriously addressing this issue to raise awareness of just how bad the problem is. Hopefully, it's not too late.

On Thursday, May 4th, The Ocean County Library will be holding a "Tools for Teens and Adults Opiate and Heroin Forum" at 6:30 pm, There will also be a Resource Fair beginning at 6:00p.

The evening will feature experts from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, Toms River Police, Student Assistant Coordinators, and Ocean County Health: Drug & Alcohol Department

According to the Toms River Patch:

The forum will include a discussion of the heroin crisis among our teen and young adult community, the disease of addiction, aspects of recovery, the scope of the problem in Ocean County, local resources, and what the community can do to reduce and prevent substance abuse among our young generation.

Parents are encouraged to bring their teens, ages 12 and up. Click HERE for more details about this very important event

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