**This past Saturday I celebrated my 10-year anniversary of quitting smoking. My story below on quitting is something I originally wrote about 5-6 years ago. To this day people still ask me how I did it. If you are looking to quit, and you have tried but have been unsuccessful, please take a few minutes and read my journey. This is why I still feel it's still important to share my story. I hope it helps you**

Today I am smoke-free for TEN years!

First of all, let me start by saying that I used to LOVE smoking cigarettes. Any of my friends or family would agree with that statement.  I smoked 2-3 PACKS A DAY! I didn't want to quit. I NEVER tried to quit either. This was first and ONLY time I tried to quit, and what do you know? It worked!

Ten years ago, a bunch of my co-workers here at The Hawk were really getting on my case about quitting smoking. I wanted nothing to do with the conversation, but they just continued to hound me. My family would tell me to quit as well, but I would always respond with "Yeah I know". "I should quit "Yada yada yada"

Eventually, I couldn't listen to the nagging anymore. I told the sales team at the Hawk that if they find a "quit smoking" program or a doctor that wants to advertise on the radio about quitting smoking, that I would be their "scapegoat".

To my shock and dismay, a former saleswoman who used to work here named Holly had a doctor lined up immediately. I was like. "You got to be kidding me. I'm not ready to quit". But to stay true to my word. I agreed to go along with it.

That's when Dr. Frank Nasso on Staten Island changed my life.

Dr. Nasso has an office in Staten Island, NY. He has been performing a procedure called AURICULOTHERAPY for years. It's also known as laser acupuncture or getting ZAPPED.  It's non-evasive...meaning NO needles.

My appointment was set. I went into his office on February 8th in the evening. After an hour or so of listening to a motivational lecture, I got ZAPPED,

The best way I can describe the process...The device that is used for the procedure reminds me of an electronic thermometer that is used to take your temperature. Dr. Nasso presses it against certain parts of each ear, and you are done! NO PAIN!! As it was happening, I felt the urge to smoke subsiding. Seriously...Just like that!

Obviously I have to state that results might be different for different people, I can't guarantee anything, but this is how it worked for me; That was my experience

I have not touched a cigarette, a vape pen, the patch, etc since. Nothing...TEN YEARS LATER!!

You might be saying to yourself. "I'm not driving all the way to Staten Island to quit smoking." Trust me. It's worth it! It's easy. Dr. Nasso makes it easy. Oh yeah....and PAINLESS!

The amount of money I have not spent on cigarettes has been incredible ($50,000+) Remember I used to smoke 2-3 packs daily. I could play sports again. Go to the gym and not be winded after just 2 minutes of working out.

Why was it so easy for me? I don't know. Maybe it was because I agreed to go through with it, and didn't want to fail.  Maybe it was because I saw loved ones around me suffer from lung Cancer & Emphysema, and I didn't want that to happen to me.

In any event, I QUIT and it was the EASIEST thing I have ever done. If I can quit, then anyone can! I feel great, and I couldn't be any happier!!

If you're looking to quit. Give Dr. Nasso a call, and check out his website at drnasso.com

(718) 966-7100.
4546 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10312

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and good luck to you. I'm hoping my story will help you just like its helped me.

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