High school sports are fun and competitive but an athlete's career doesn't last forever. In part-four of our series on high school sports, two former athletes share what happened next.

2010 Toms River East graduate Nico Steriti scored 28 touchdowns his senior season.

"My career dwindled down, I kind of went through my own battles mentally, physically and spiritually," Steriti said. "I was a habitual athlete. Seventeen years of strong wires in my mind of comfort that I only knew and only saw. Now I try and sit at the feet of my life and see what this world wants to unfold for me."

Steriti, who gave a max effort on every down says he has no regrets from playing, because there was always the next play...as there is in life.

"I don't have a regret from playing even after a game, I was never...'I wish I did this or I could have done this', because I always knew there was a next snap...always a next snap," Steriti said. "If there's anything I've learned from that sport, is (there's always)...the next snap in life...the next breath...the next moment."

Classmate Kari Lefebvre swam at Ramapo College all four-years before retiring...at least...in organized competition.

"If you challenge me to a competition, I'm always going to take it, lol," Lefebvre said. "I'm pretty competitive especially when it comes to swimming. Even still, you put me in the water and I'll happily do laps, the butterfly or free-style back-and-forth."

Playing high school sports can create life lasting memories, but what happens when it's over and you can look back and reflect?...any regrets? (You can weigh in on this as well in the comments section below the article).

Lefebvre says if she had the chance to go back and swim in high school again, she would...but with a slightly different approach.

"I think I would have probably done a little more research on lifting because when I got into college that helped so much once I got into a really good lifting program," Lefebvre said. "(Also), just nutrition overall, because that plays so much into it. If you're not eating enough it's going to affect your time, if you're eating too much you're going to feel sluggish. It's kind of getting that balance in."

High school sports not only provide the platform to showcase an athletes skill but also serve as a teaching tool for life where you can learn some valuable lessons.

Lefebvre says her high school experience was so valuable, she lives by some of those lessons today.

"Everything that I took from swimming, I can transfer over into real life," Lefebvre said.

Steriti says playing in high school prepared him for life as well.

"No regrets, the whole career was very storied and wonderful and beautiful and I met some awesome people," Steriti said. "But we're just getting started."

He was one of the leaders in the 2009 season that helped the Toms River East Raiders go 10-1, tying a school single season record.

It was his last in the silver and black uniform.

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(Shore Sports Network's Ed Sarluca's Interview with Nico in 2009 following TRE game against Toms River South)

Nico turned to writing, going on a journey of self-discovery and to see more of the world around him by heading across the country.

"After college I started journaling to connect my inner voice with my hand," Steriti said. "I went from journaling to reading and meditating and traveling...and now I'm a poet."

Nico's set to release a book called 'Love: In Your Pockets Heart Forever' at the Revolutionary Lounge Cafe in the Silverton section of Toms River at 1776 Hooper Avenue on November 10 at 6 pm where there will also be a book signing.

Kari came back to Toms River after college to begin her working career.

***In the final installment of our high school sports series next week, Nico and Kari provide advice to today's high school athletes.

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