Welcome to New Jersey! Now, get out.

Big7Travel created the list of "The 50 Friendliest States In America" (which is an odd title, as though there were more than 50 to choose from). They didn't really go into their methodology other than saying they asked their 1.5 million social followers, so take this with an obvious grain of salt.

The most friendly state in the country? Minnesota! The least friendly? New York. Our Pennsylvanian neighbors come in at 18th.

So where does New Jersey land? Near the bottom, at 45th. Here's what they have to say about us:

The Jersey attitude can be perceived as just outright rudeness. And in this survey, it seems as though that’s definitely the case. New Jerseyans are known for their in-your-face personalities. But hey, at least the (probably unfriendly) station attendant will pump your gas for you.

I mean...they're not wrong, are they?

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