The payout for Saturday’s Powerball lottery was up to a record-setting $700 million as of Friday morning, and could continue to grow.

Not surprisingly, lots of New Jersey residents are making plans for how they’ll spend all of that loot if they manage to pick the right numbers.

“I’d take care of my family and probably donate some to the church and some other charitable stuff, and probably take my wife on a great vacation," said Tom from Ewing on Thursday.

Another shopper nearby also plans to travel and also make some charitable donations.

“I would give a lot of money to my children, I would give a lot of money to my favorite organizations, and then I’d travel, Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Greece," the shopper said.

Michael from Marlton isn’t exactly sure how he’d spend the money if he won the Powerball jackpot.

“I would keep $70 million for myself and my family and I would figure out what to do with the rest of it as far as giving it away,” he said. “I would probably call Donald Trump and ask him if I could stay up at one of his suites for maybe six months, and have some of his people help me figure out what to do with it.”

Harry from Trenton pondered the large sum of money and ultimately decided he doesn't really need that much.

“I'd probably give most of it away. Too much money for me...keep a couple of million and give everything away,” he said.

Another shopper chimed saying the best idea would be to “pay off my house, take my family on a vacation, pay for my kids college and save a lot of it for retirement...well maybe I’d just retire, if it was $700 million I’d just retire.”

Caroline from Hamilton Square has everything planned out.

“I’d donate three-quarters of it to charity and donate what’s left to my children to pay off their debt; pay off my debt and put a little bit I don’t know where,” she said. “Maybe get involved in some long-term projects that I think might be beneficial to humanity and to myself.”

Jenna from Ewing said she’d “pay off student loans."

"I have a lot of student loans, and take a vacation as long as I can get off work for, but I also have two kids so college, maybe a bigger house,” Jenna said.

Jim from Cranford knows what he’d do with the Powerball winnings if he won the jackpot.

“Buy myself a private island,” he said, smiling.

Five-year-old Mikey said if he wins $700 million “I would go to a restaurant.”

When asked what he would get in the restaurant, he replied “Smagetti.”

Another shopper noted “it’s probably easier to get struck by lightning than it is to win the Powerball, but hey, if you don’t have a ticket, you can’t win either.”

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