WalletHub is back with another ranking of all the states in the country, this time looking at "sinfulness".

They use research based around violent crime, theft, obesity and more to determine which states violated the most in terms of the classic Seven Deadly Sins.

Source: WalletHub

While NJ comes in in the top half at 17, our results are really skewed by one category: VANITY.

  • For "Anger & Hatred" NJ is 34th - which I think goes against the "rude New Jerseyian" stereotype
  • For "Jealousy" NJ is 30th, and I don't know exactly what that means
  • For "Excesses & Vices" NJ is 45th, near the bottom which is nice
  • For "Greed" NJ is 36th
  • For "Lust" NJ is 31st
  • For "Laziness" NJ is 20th
  • For "Vanity" NJ is 2nd!

Vanity is the sin that messes up our average, considering how the rest of our scores hover in the 30s.

If you're wondering that methods they use to define "vanity", they counted the number of Beauty Salons per Capita, the Google Search Interest Index for “Top 5 Plastic Surgeries”, and Consumer Expenditures per Household on Personal Care Products and Services. NJ had the 4th most Beauty Salons in the country.

The most sinful state in the country is Nevada, which makes sense with the whole "Sin City" thing - the least sinful is Vermont, which I guess makes sense because it's just Vermont, man. I would've expected Utah or Wyoming or Idaho since about a dozen people live there, but Vermont is fine.

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