This was actually a question I saw float around Facebook for a while yesterday. It's easy to point out how to avoid social interaction in the outside world, but how do you keep safe within your own home?

I feel like I'm mostly safe, because I work in an isolated room. I'm alone here in the studio, I wipe everything down when I'm done, and I go straight home. One of the recommendations I read was to wash your hands and change your clothes before you interact with your family.

My daughter is at a tough age right now, because there's no point in trying to explain a pandemic, or even what a virus is, to a three-year-old. We've told her that we can't go out, that her dance class is cancelled, that we can't visit friends because a lot of people are sick and they have to get better, but that's pretty much as far as we go. For a kid of that age, being stuck inside for a day or two drives them insane, so we've been doing a lot of activities and spending time in the yard.

The part that really worries me is my wife. She's a hair stylist, and for whatever reason, the Freehold Mall has (at the moment) refused to close. Obviously people with common sense are cancelling their appointments, but some people still insist on getting their hair done. That sort of interaction is what can keep COVID spreading, and with my wife being pregnant, it stresses me out exponentially.

We can't keep a 6-foot boundary amongst our family members, but if you do have to go outside, your best bet is to get home and do a good cleaning before you settle down on the couch and hug your spouse or kids.

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