As little kids, we were all asked the question, "so what do you want to be when you grow up?"  You might want to help your kids with that decision because I found the highest-paying jobs in New Jersey and it pays to make the right choice.

It really is something I encourage my kids to think about.  If you are going to invest 10 hours a day into a line of work, you can pick a career where you make $15 per hour or one that pays you five thousand dollars or more an hour, the choice is yours.

The problem is, for some reason we forget we have a choice or, we let the hard work get in the way.  How often do you hear the words, "it is just too much school".  Really?  Working for a dead-end and thankless job is pretty exhausting too and for many, that is a life sentence.

I want to encourage anyone deciding on what they want to do with their lives to think about really going for something big.  Put the time in upfront and enjoy the payoff forever.  Here is a list of the highest-paying career choices in New Jersey.


Ever wonder what your dentist makes? Your kids' doctor or the guy who built the building you work in? We got the goods because I know you are nosey as I am.

In New Jersey, we are the 4th highest-paid state in the nation.  That really is pretty awesome! It also makes sense because it is so expensive to live here.  Life is short and you have to decide how you want to live it.  Can you tell that I've been lecturing my kid as she is deciding on her major?  I stand by it, why not pick a career where you rival these celebrities' salaries?

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