A police presence seen out and about in proximity to a Dunkin' has the Jersey Shore community talking.  Here's what we know.

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If you've driven down Lacey Road in Forked River, you may have noticed a sight like the one above.  Odd, right?  A police car has been seen parked on again and off again, nestled between the corner and the Dunkin' location just west of Lake Barnegat drive.  But why?  It's not a 24-7 situation, but there have been regular sightings and hundreds in the community speculated as to why on the Lacey Township Chatter.  It caught my attention and I wanted to figure out what was up.  There were all sorts of theories, insights, and opinions.  Some were funny, while others were practical.

They included:

  • Shawn: It seems as though no one knows how to make a cup of coffee on their own these days...
  • Dee:  Part of the problem is cars not moving up when the car in front of them moves because they are too busy texting
  • Stephanie:  I mean it's common sense. Why would anyone wait in line on a main road anyway? The line is backed up?
  • Eugene: Why do people feel the need to wait right on Lacey Rd and inconvenience everyone else

Thanks to Christine Schwindt and Edward Murphy, I can share some insight into what's happening with pictures.  As you see below, the Dunkin' is so popular the line is extending out into the street.  That can cause traffic and safety problems.

Credit: Christine Schwindt
Credit: Christine Schwindt

And thanks to Lacey Township Police Department, I can share more insight into why people are seeing what they're seeing and what that means.  In a press release, they share that the department continues "to monitor traffic safety concerns near the intersection of Lacey Road and Lake Barnegat Drive in Forked River."  They go on to share that "the westbound lanes of Lacey Road, just west of Lake Barnegat Drive, often backs up with vehicles...this stoppage obstructs westbound vehicles causing unexpected abrupt stops or the need to swerve to the left lane to avoid rear-end collisions."

The bottom line to all is to use your best judgment.  If you see the line approaching the road, walk inside or come back later.  Blocking any New Jersey roadway "is considered a violation."  If you violate, you could risk receiving a summons.  Take care.  Be safe.


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