We hear it all the time, even more so in October. ‘Don’t forget to get to schedule your yearly mammography.” And yet, some women still push it to the back burner. They don’t think they have the time for it, or even worse, they don’t think cancer could ever happen to them. I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong.

My Mother is living proof of why it’s so important to schedule and go in for your yearly mammography. She’s always been very strict about going, and they would always come out clear. It was a little over two years ago now, when she went for her routine mammo, and they found an abnormality. It turns out she did have breast cancer. I remember learning the news with her…I was completely shocked since I really thought nothing could ever happen to my Mother.

Luckily, because my Mom was serious about her screenings, they were able to detect the cancer before it turned into anything too serious. She endured one operation, and a month of radiation treatments, and then was able to ring the bell, symbolizing that she was a breast cancer survivor. I am so proud of her. My Mom is truly the strongest person I know. Even with cancer, she still put her family before herself and never ever missed a beat. Not once did she have a negative attitude, or feel sorry for herself. I am so thankful that she is here to tell her story.

If you take anything from my Mother’s journey, PLEASE let it inspire you to go for screenings. Men, it’s important for you to get screened for other cancers as well. It could save your life.

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