By now, we all should be recycling items that can be.  In our home, or at work.  It is the law here in New Jersey.  Believe it or not, there are some cities across America that do not recycle at all.  Some municipalities used to recycle but decided to stop because it is too expensive.  What?

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I used to work in an office where we as a company were asked to recycle. Each office and the cubical area had 2 specific garbage cans. One for trash, the other for the items that were allowed to be recycled, like bottles and cans. One night when I had to work late, I watched the cleaning crew come around the office suite and dispose of the garbage cans. They would dump both the regular trash and recycle items into the same large can they had aboard to their cleaning cart. I was shocked. Here we are thinking we are doing our environment a solid. Only to find out in the evening hours the cleaning crew is combining both types of trash as they make their rounds.

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If you live in Ocean County, you may be aware of the investments the Board of Commissioners have made to improve the recycling facility in Lakewood.

via Yelp
via Yelp

Director of the Ocean County Board of Commissioners Gary Quinn recently announced an expansion of items allowed to be recycled…

“We are beginning to reach the other side of what has been a difficult time in our recycling program. Our investment is paying off and I am pleased to announce this expansion. We are expanding on the current stream of items already collected. This ultimately decreases the number of materials going to the landfill and helps our municipalities save on landfill tipping costs.”


Director Quinn also said he anticipates...

“a large publicity campaign about the new items that will help our residents and visitors in their ongoing efforts to recycle right.”


Here is a list of some of the items now allowed to be recycled in Ocean County...

16 Additional items You Can Now Recycle In Ocean Township

Chances are, recycling laws have not been on the books your entire life.  Here are some laws that were passed the year you were born...

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