None of us like to contemplate the end of the life of our loved ones. Even worse is when multiple things happen in a short span.

A good friend of mine, a person who (though it may sound cliche) was always there to support her friends, is going through a patch in life that we'd all be lucky to avoid. Just a year after losing her 49-year-old brother, Amy is about to lose her father.

He was a lifelong commercial fisherman in New Jersey, the Captain of the Amy Diane. He recently entered hospice care, and wasn't given long to live. With no insurance and no savings, his funeral expenses are falling on his daughter Amy, who is just getting back to work after multiple spinal surgeries.

I know that we all have our own financial situations, good and bad, but if you can spare anything to help someone out, you can go to their GoFundMe. Thanks.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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