Last week we shared the blueprint that students at Rowan University created to let people print their own PPE at  home. While not many people own a 3D printer, a man in Barnegat is using his to print masks, but he needs some help.

Gary Rietmann and his son had been using their 3D printer mostly for fishing lures, but decided to help during the pandemic by printing masks. The issue is, Gary can only print about a dozen masks per day. In order to up his output, he set up a GoFundMe to add two more Ender 5 Plus Printers at $580 each, and a Phrozen Transform Large Resin 3D Printer for $2200 to print Children's Masks and associated parts. In addition to the cost of the printers, he also needs to purchase PLA Filament and SLA Resin, as well as other supplies needed to finish the masks making them airtight.

While most people can't swing that $580 to buy their own printer, most people can afford to donate a few dollars to a GoFundMe campaign. Rietmann has a goal of $7,500, and he's not quite at the halfway point. I know times are tough for everyone and you might not have money to spare, but if you have a few extra dollars, it could help.

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