While all too often we hear about bad things, I love hearing about good things and hope you do too.  I've got a lot of admiration and respect for the work the men and women of law enforcement do and was so excited to hear about what happened here at the Jersey Shore just a few days ago.  Heartwarming and helpful.

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Two of my uncles were police officers, one in New York and one in Florida, and one of my best friends is a New York City Detective.  Like most of their brothers and sisters in law enforcement, they're good people trying to help protect other good people.  Unfortunately, over the past couple of years, we've heard about so many bad events including police officers. This has led to a lot of bad press and it has made it difficult for them and their families.  There's been scrutiny, disrespect, and even attacks on police officers.  You'd think that perhaps that'd deter them, yet they move forward to protect and service.

Credit: Brick Township Police Department Facebook
Brick Police Detective Brenden Barnes

Let's spread some positive news and support for Brick Township Police Department Detective Brenden Barnes.  While driving he encountered a woman nearby to the Osbornville Baptist Church on Drum Point Road in Brick Township.  He discovered that she was sidelined, high and dry, in the car with her daughter and without gas.  He pulled over to assist.  As the Brick Township Police Department Facebook states, "Det. Barnes took a trip to the nearest gas station, bought a gas can and gas, drove it back, and got them back on their way." Incredible.  Truly over and above.  Helpful.  Thoughtful.  Kind.  Thank you Detective Barnes and thank you to everyone in the law enforcement community that sets an amazing example.

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