Driving the roads of New Jersey and rolling through all sorts of neighborhoods, I often gaze at the homes.  Some big.  Some small.  Some luxurious.  Some hideous.  But I'm only aware of 1 that looks like a big cookie jar...and it is amazing!

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Let me start by saying that this home is a private residence, so there will be no open houses but below you can get a pretty good sense of this glorious home.  Driving by will not do it justice as it is surrounded by a wall of trees.  What do we know about this home?

  • It was built in 1947, 1949, or 1964.  Information is conflicting.  Maybe you know?
  • Features 3 floors.  Bedrooms on top.  Bathroom and storage on bottom.  Living room and kitchen in the middle.
  • The owner Robert Berman believes it was built because the original owner "was a woman from Kansas who had it built because her house kept getting whipped around in tornadoes.''
  • Featured on season 1 of Offbeat America on HGTV.
  • Roadside America shares, "according to legend, its curved shape was designed to survive an atomic blast."  We cannot confirm that.
  • It did go on the market for sale in 2017 at $165K.  However, according to Zillow, it would appear that the home did not sell.  You'll have to be ready to buy the next time it is available.  It is a one-of-a-kind!

Take A Look At The COOKIE JAR HOUSE in Glendora, New Jersey

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