In what was described as "intense," "huge," "shocking," and a "once in a lifetime" encounter, a great white shark leaped out of the water beside a boat filled with amazed occupants. This unforgettable moment was captured on video and we have it.

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Be warned, this is a BIG shark.  And while it's not a scene filled with guts and gore (thankfully) it is quite startling.  I mean, who expects to come within feet of a shark in a place that's not an aquarium?  The exception would be an ocean, like the Atlantic.  The conditions were right for this.

Imagine fishing off the coast of Point Pleasant in Ocean County New Jersey and seeing a fin pop out of the ocean.  Then imagine it coming right alongside your boat. It'd frighten many.  Almost 2 years ago, in June of 2019, this scenario played out. The reaction of the folks on the boat was much different.

The men were certainly amazed, but clearly excited, enthusiastic, and joyful overseeing one of the most powerful species on the planet, up close and real personal.  Enjoy!

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