Credit: Pi People via Amazon
Credit: Pi People via Amazon

Happy Pi Day! Not the tasty dessert. Actually a tasty dessert right now would be quite nice, but we're talking about the mathematical numeral of pie which is 3.14 which is also today's date.....March 14th (3/14). Get it now??

To make things even more awesome, today is "Rounded" Pi Day!!!! Now you are asking, What is "Rounded" Pi Day? I'll explain

Well, Pi is a irrational number - it goes on and on and on forever.  So if we look at the first few numbers of Pi - 3.14159 and round off on the 4th decimal we now have 3.1416, March 14, 2016 hence Rounded Pi Day.

Don't you feel so much smarter now???

And just to add to all this math fun, March 14 is Albert Einstein's birthday and Man's Favorite Holiday! [NSFW]



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