Greg Lake turns 67, born on November 10, 1947 in Dorset, England.

Of course, Greg will always be remembered as the voice of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and a prog rock pioneer, who wrote, sang and produced hits including "Lucky Man" and "From the Beginning."

But, as reported at, unfortunately Lake has never really gotten the recognition he deserves:

Despite these accomplishments, Lake has never gotten much critical acclaim. His key role in the development of King Crimson is often overlooked, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer are perhaps the least respected of the progressive rock giants...

And speaking of ELP, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer don't get along very well these days, and they've only managed a single concert in the past decade (2010′s High Voltage Festival).

For fans wondering if they'll ever see an ELP reunion, drummer Carl Palmer says that at least for him, their set at the High Voltage Festival was simply not up to the group’s lofty standards — despite a lengthy acclimation period beforehand, and after that, any hopes for a larger reunion tour were put to rest.

Lake now does solo tours, performing the one-man show, 'Songs of a Lifetime', which features music from his days in King Crimson, ELP and his solo career.

In a unique show twist, he invites fans onstage to share their memories of the songs.

And here he is from back in the day (1974), performing while chewing gum, apparently: :-D