The weather's gone from partly cloudy, to gloomy, to severe real quick.  Thousands are without power and the storm could last another couple of hours.  Here's what's up.

Credit: Facebook New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
Credit: Facebook New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

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We've got bad weather and a severe thunderstorm watch throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties through 8 pm.  As I peer through my window in Toms River now, I'm seeing black clouds, rain traveling sideways, and lightning.  As I type, JCP&L shows 494 folks in Lacey Township, 365 in Shrewsbury, and over 2,000 more throughout our state are without power. Officials from the New Jersey Office Of Emergency Management want you to be aware of the storms and be safe.

Hail could reach the size of a quarter.  Yikes.  Wind will gust up to 65 miles per hour in certain areas.  And frequent lightning is possible.

This alert extends beyond our area to most of New Jersey, parts of Pennsylvania, and some of New York and Connecticut.  If you're planning to travel, you may want to wait till after 8 or even tomorrow morning.  It's going to be sunny and 90 for Saturday and Sunday, thankfully.  Enjoy the weekend!

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