On September 29th, each of the Toms River fire companies will take part in ceremonies that will involve a flag that flew over Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks.

John Sullivan, the owner of American Flag Company of Forked River, sent the 3'x'5' flag to Ground Zero after 9/11 to be flown over the rubble. Since then, the flag has flown with the military in Iraq and Afghanistan; at the site of the capture of Saddam Hussein; and on aircraft carriers and in various military aircraft on missions.

american flag

The flag will be presented and ceremonies held at each of the six Toms River fire departments (Toms River Fire Companies 1 and 2, East Dover, Pleasant Plains, Ocean Beach, and Silverton) on Saturday, the 29th.

Each ceremony will consist of the flag being flown on the fire company's flagpole for 9 minutes, 11 seconds. After the ceremonies at the fire companies, a final ceremony with the flag will be held at the Toms River Fire Academy on Church Road at 4 p.m.

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