North Carolina has been in the news quite a bit lately with their controversial laws regarding the rights of LGBT community. The new law requires individuals to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate. The new law now takes away previous rights, and legal protection from gay and transgender people.

Last weekend, Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert to "stand in solidarity" for the LGBT community fighting for their civil rights. A lot of companies are protesting North Carolina's new bill.  Deutsche Bank joins PayPal, Starbucks, Apple, Facebook and Twitter, to protest the law. There is also growing pressure for the NBA to move the 2017 All-Star game out of Charlotte if the laws aren't changed.

Gregg Allman's concert tonight in Greensboro however is still on as scheduled.

Allman says,

For over 45 years, I’ve been fortunate to play music all around this country and the world. I’ve been honored to know and be friends with many different people from all walks of life. Although we, as a nation, have made progress in many areas, it’s sad and infuriating that some, in 2016, are still working so hard to take the rights away from our brothers and sisters, as in the cases of “bathroom laws” recently passed in North Carolina (HB2 – Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act) and Mississippi ("Religious Liberty" bill 1523), discriminating against the LGBT community.

I know that North Carolina is a state full of good folks and loyal fans, many of whom are angry about and feel misrepresented by this action. My band and I will continue to play our show as scheduled there tomorrow, April 13, and hope that our music unites people in this challenging time. We stand in solidarity with the LGBT community urging Gov. McCrory to listen to the people and reverse this wrong.

Do you agree with Gregg Allman's decision to not cancel his concert?


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