On last night's emotional rollercoaster of an episode of The Bachelorette, the show's lead Katie Thurston was taken on a series of hometown dates by her finalists. What started great Jersey Guy Greg Grippo soon took a turn.

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In case you're unfamiliar with the show, Hometown Dates are traditionally when finalists bring the show's leads on a date in their hometown to meet their family. Since the past few seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been filmed on one location because of the pandemic, hometown dates look a little different.

Greg Grippo's Jersey Shore Themed Hometown Date

Instead of actually traveling home, the show plans out a date that's themed after the contestant's hometown. Since Greg is from NJ, he had a fun Jersey Shore-themed date with Katie, complete with boardwalk games.

But the night took a turn

After Katie met Greg's family, he became upset with her because she hasn't told him he loves her yet, when he's said it to her. And Katie explained she only wants to say "I love you" once on the show: at the very end, but Greg was not having it. He got upset with Katie, and told her she was being dismissive, and quit.

Is Katie leaving the Bachelorette?

Greg's quitting upset Katie so much, she told producers she wanted someone to book her a flight home. And sadly, that's how the episode ended. While I don't think this season ends with her leaving, I'm not sure she leaves finding love.

Will Greg Grippo come back to the show?

As much as The Bachelorette loves bringing contestants in and out, I think this is sadly the last we'll see of our Jersey Guy Greg.

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