In 2015, Six Flags teamed up with KDC Solar with the plan to clear 90 acres to create a massive solar field. The community fought back over the size of the field and the number of trees that would have to be cut down. After some legal proceedings, a settlement was finally reached for a 40 acre clearing.

Yesterday, the park finally announced that the solar panels were up and running, and helping the park take a huge step towards being a "net-zero" carbon facility. The park already recycles nearly all of its materials and has built new park benches and tables out of recycled plastic.

Officially, the panels will provide 98% of the park's power, but Great Adventure President John Winkler said it could actually go over 100%, allowing the panels to provide power to the grid and the surrounding community.

CYBORG Cyber Spin Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure

This is an awesome development, and hopefully it can provide an example for other companies to follow. Great Adventure uses a tremendous amount of power (just think of all the rides, all the lights, all the shops, all the restaurants, all the speakers - it's crazy) and if they can manage to go almost entirely solar, there are plenty of other smaller companies that could make the change.

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