My wife and I had been to the car wash next to the Wawa at the corner of Main and Cedar Bridge a few times, and noticed it closed down a while ago. "New ownership" signs had popped up, but things seemed a bit unsure, because it would obviously be tough to open a new business during a pandemic.

Yesterday I was driving along Main Street in Manahawkin when I saw a guy on the side of the road holding a sign that said "FREE CAR WASH". My wife's car was covered in pollen, so we took advantage and got a free wash at Show Time Auto Spa.

showtime auto spa

So, here was the deal. The old car wash was the version where you parked your car just outside the entrance, you told the attendant what level of wash you wanted, then got out and waited inside while your car went through. The new & improved version includes a touch screen where you can choose your wash, and you stay inside the car the whole time. I grabbed my phone to do a time-lapse, and the crazy colors shining through the water and soap reminded me of something from "2001: A Space Odyssey".


Since this week is the Grand Opening, there was an attendant (with a mask) that stood by the touchscreen to explain things to us, and said we could either get the Basic $5 wash for FREE, or take $5 off any of the higher levels. They're running this deal all week long, so if your car is looking less than fresh, it's worth a trip!

And before you argue that "I wash my car for free by doing it in my driveway"...whatever man, I've washed my own car too, but most of the time I'd rather just pay a couple bucks to have someone do it quicker and better than I do.

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