Tony was born on March 27, 1950, in East Hoathly, England.

He's most well-known as a founding member and keyboardist for Genesis, but he's also one of the main composers of the band and, besides Mike Rutherford, is the only other member to be with Genesis for its entire history.

You might not think of Tony Banks right away when you think of Genesis, but you really should.(Tony's the guy in the middle of the picture here).

According to one online bio of Tony, his "role in Genesis is appreciated only by fans and the odd critic, when it was in fact he (emphasis mine) who was the dominant influence on the music of Genesis throughout the history of the band."

Following is an example of "one of Tony's finest", according to both Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett. Although it's credited to the entire band, Firth of Fifth's musical composition, rhythmically complex, was developed from Tony Bank's own ideas: