When you look at the lineup of the Hawk guys, you see a few variations of facial hair. Tom Cunningham, Bozz, Stei, Scott Stephens, Andy Chase - all clean-shaven. Teddy Louis is currently rocking a tight beard but he's not entirely committed to it. Pete Caruana keeps a tight goatee, Pete Lepore keeps a tight beard...and then there's me.

I have not seen my entire face in about 20 years. My wife has never seen me clean-shaven. For a long time I had a chin goatee and long sideburns, and for the last 6 years or so I've maintained a full beard, and for the last two-ish I've skipped the regular trims and let it grow free.

Johannes Simon/Getty Images

I'm not quite at the level of those guys, but maybe one day.

Regardless of the style of your facial hair, or if you're a woman and just an admirer of beards and 'staches, this weekend is a celebration with the 8th annual Garden State Beard & 'Stache Competition.

The competition will feature the following categories:

It's all happening at the White Chapel Projects in Long Branch this Saturday, April 27th from 5p til midnight, hosted by the Garden State Beardos.

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