Are you ready for the big Memorial Day weekend?!?!  How are you going to celebrate?  If you are like me, you will sneak a few adult beverages but at the end of the day, you are going to Mom hard.  You will be prepped to give your kids a fab weekend and that means having what you need on hand to keep everyone happy.  I found two very cool things for you to snag at Costco before they are gone!

How flipping cool are these Costco items for your Memorial Day weekend! When I found these I flipped and had to share them with YOU! I would hurry to grab these fast before they totally sell out. I have a feeling they will be pretty popular.

What would the kick off to Summer be without ice cream? How about a stellar ice cream kit? Well you got it at Costco. Check this thing out!

This is so cute because for $20 bucks you'll get every fun topping your need plus your cones in one package. Can you say make your own Sundae? You can also treat your family and yourself to this find!  A s'more kit!  Check it out!  




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It will make 18 S'mores (that should be enough for me) and cost under $12 bucks! Seriously, how cool of a mom will you be if you whip this kit out on a whim? You gotta be prepared like a good Girl Scout!

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