Discount flyers Frontier Airlines are expanding into Newark International Airport, bringing special $15 fares with them!

Frontier will be adding 15 nonstop routes, leaving Newark and heading to locations including Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, and Denver, along with international locations like San Juan Puerto Rico, Cancun Mexico, and Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

The company is offering $15 flights to celebrate the addition to Newark’s airport, and includes the company’s Kids Fly Free offer.

I've flown Frontier out of Trenton-Mercer Airport, and it's a unique experience, mostly due to the size of TMA. I've been to bowling alleys bigger than that airport, and we actually got on and off the plane via stairs like we were the Beatles. Obviously in Newark the operation will be on a larger scale, but if they keep offering cheap fares, I'm on board.

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