No need to wait til the fourth Thursday in November. This ravioli is taking the internet by storm due to its ingredients. It basically has everything but the chicken sink that's included in your Thanksgiving feast.

Behold a turkey cranberry stuffed ravioli. In case you haven't put that word combo together just yet, it's basically the perfect Thanksgiving left-over sandwich, but in pasta form.


Seriously though, cranberries, turkey, stuffing + a solid pasta noodle? It's basically a Wawa Gobbler, Italian style. Here's the thing though, do thanksgiving leftovers and pasta even mix? I'll be honest, I haven't tried it, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask. Depending on what sauce you put over it, it's probably delicious. I'd have to whip up some sort of pumpkin flavored sauce, maybe.

So, there you have it. If you can't wait for the big day to chow down on the feast or if you don't feel like dealing with all the work that comes with whipping up Thanksgiving dinner, here's your alternative.

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