Local Freehold resident Cara Daniello is a fan favorite guest on the Jersey Shore Morning Show. We love having Cara on because she has a heart of gold and she is always up to something wonderful in our local community.  In addition to that she is a total BRAIN-I-AC!  Seriously she is so super smart...Have you heard her special talent???

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One day Cara discovered that she can spell any word frontwards or backwards in English or Spanish INSTANTLY.  It is truly incredible.  Don't believe me?  Here is the audio from her appearance on today's show...it will blow your mind!

Cara was also on to talk about her current feel-good project for Veteran’s Day, and she need your help!  Cara is asking us to email kind thank you notes to our veterans.  She will distribute them to VA hospitals and veterans across the country! This is a digital, contact-free way of assuring your thank you gets sent to veterans.  It will let them know that they are deeply appreciated.   That designated email address is:  Thank.Veterans.Nov11@gmail.com

Please send by November 6 and keep thank you notes appropriate, brief, and KIND. Please no last names and no pictures/self-identifiers. Feel free to share, retweet, repost, write more than one thank you, etc. The more the merrier!

This is a photo of Cara with WWII Air Force Veteran, Joe Zakalyk. Cara has stayed in touch with his family over the years since his passing in 2019.
Photo credit: Cara Daniello
Photo credit: Cara Daniello



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