I have a confession to make.  I've only recently discovered ramen. Full disclosure, the only experience I've ever had with it was buying those square packages with the spice packs from the food store. When I heard people obsessing about great ramen, I was like really?  That stuff?
Then I woke up and tasted the real stuff, and OMG it was epic.  The spicier the better as far as I'm concerned.  If you agree then this ramen hot spot and spicy contest is for you!
Kyuramen in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is formally inviting you to their ‘Killer KyuRAMEN Challenge.  If you can finish their version of extremely spicy ramen then you can claim the title of ‘Spiciest Ramen in New Jersey’. The challenge runs Monday-Friday from 11 AM until 6 PM, running though August 31.  You know I'm gonna need receipts so send me you spicy pics!
Photo credit: Kruramen
Photo credit: Kruramen

The Rules:

The rules are simple.  If you can finish the bowl of spicy ramen in 9 minutes or less without an additional beverage, then they pay for your meal!
Winners receive 1 week of free ramen (1 bowl of ramen/day)
Plus HUGE bragging rights!
Kyuramen is super-authentic.  Founder, Gary Lin, has done his homework.  He studied an array of ramen types in Japan for many years. This influenced Lin’s passion to introduce Japan’s three major ramen types: South Japan's Kyushu Shio Style, Central Japan's Tokyo Shouyu Style, and the Hokkaido Miso Style.
When talking about his restaurant Lin said,
I want our brand to be the sphere of influence when it comes to Japanese cuisine
So are you ready?  Ramen at Kyuramen is the spice of life!
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