It's been almost nine months or so that we have been dealing with the COVID-19, and we still don't know when the end is in sight.

There are plenty of people still out of work and who are struggling to make ends meet.

A lot of parents can't go back to work because they have to stay home with their children for virtual schooling, and a lot of people still don't want to go back to work because they feel it isn't safe, and you can't really blame them. Everything about COVID-19 is so stressful

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were plenty of local restaurants and organizations that were helping out families, frontline healthcare workers, and first responders with free meals.

Food was being pumped out at a frantic pace when it was needed most, and once again, a big thank you to all who were involved.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of people who still need help.

So today (10/27)...Nino's Coal Fired Pizza in Brick is helping people who are still in need.

From 4 p.m to 9 p.m, if you stop by the restaurant, located at 66 Brick Blvd,  Anthony and his team will hook you up with a free pie.

That is absolutely awesome!! Thank you Anthony for giving back (once again) to the community

It's a shame that we have to say this, but please let the people who still are struggling to receive the free pizza. I know it's great to receive free food, but let the people who really need this benefit first and foremost.

I can't wait until we are back to normal and we are done with all of this!

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Andy Chase
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